Why Dirty Hari Is Trending Among The Telugu Audience

The Telugu industry is far more advanced than the Bollywood industry because they can include bold scenes in the movies without any hesitation. If you make movies and want to include some sexy scenes, it would not be very difficult to release the movie without any cuts. The Telugu industry’s censorship board is very advanced in this sense, and they are very accepting of nude scenes, bold scenes, and plots centered on sexuality or other sexual-social issues. This is why the Tollywood industry has been making erotic films for a long time, even before Bollywood had even thought about making commercial erotic films. One of the most trending erotic films at present is Dirty Hari. So if you are willing to watch movies online HD that will contain a lot of erotic scenes as well as a good thrilling plot, then you should download an OTT platform to watch Dirty Hari today.

The film is trending among Telugu people because the actors have given a stunning performance even though they were not essentially performing in films where they needed to act in bold scenes. The film has been written and directed by M. S. Raju, and the movie was produced by Guduru Siva Rama, Guduru Sai Puneeth, and GuduruSateeshBabu. However, this is the first film for actors like Shravan Reddy as Hari, ruhani Sharma as Vasudha, and Simrat Kaur as Jasmine to play highly erotic scenes. The film has many bold scenes. However, they are sensualized more than sexualized. This magic is in the brilliant cinematography of M. N. Bal Reddy. The film’s sensuality was enhanced with the help of the sensual music of Mark K. Robin that could capture the auditory perception of the viewers. Dirty Hari has been considered the best Thriller movies online on today’s date.

This film is based on the Hollywood film Match Point which featured stars like Scarlett Johansson as Nola Rice and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Chris Wilton. However, the ending and many parts of the film are not similar, so it could not be called an official remake. But the story is more or less similar. The story is about three people, including Hari, who wants to become wealthier and recognized by society at large. He takes on the easy route and finds himself a good but rich wife in the form of Vasudha. He makes Vasudha fall in love with him and also gets married to her. She is essentially the typical Indian good wife, but he is more interested in his friend Akash’s girlfriend Jasmine. She is an actress who has failed to get good roles, but she is quite bold, which instantly seduces Hari to a point where he decides to have an external affair with Jasmine.

As predicted, this affair leads him to his misery, and you can watch the film unfold what happens to Hari in the end. You can watch movies online in HD on the best OTT platform for Telugu films.