Two Extraordinary Outdoor Exercises for Women to Get a Beach Body

This is the perfect program for women who want to get a beach body and not need any equipment. As a professional strength and conditioning trainer, I take my clients out to the great outdoors in order to provide them with the best workouts. Buford, which is just outside the Atlanta region, has many outdoor venues. These include Suwanee and Johns Creek, Alpharetta and Cumming, which are all great outdoor gyms. Maybe your outdoor workouts can be just as easy in your own backyard. For my ladies, I’ve included these two hard-hitting outdoor exercises.

Outdoor Exercises for Women to Get a Beach Body!

Kettlebell Totes: Using kettlebell totes is a great way to increase your strength and cardiovascular conditioning.This drill requires you to have an outdoor space. If you are interested, please continue reading.

You will need a single kettlebell with moderate resistance to start. It is important that the bell can be raised high enough to provide security. Mark a straight line of walking for approximately 25 yards. Standing at the end of the walking path, clean the kettlebell and secure it. You should ensure that the bell is in a stable position and that your shoulder is securely in contact with the bell. Simply walk along the 25-yard lane. You can drop the bell at the end and then press the opposite arm with the bell to diyactive tools to build an effective outdoor gym walk back. You will soon see the benefits of this exercise for outdoor programs. Alternate between two or four times.

Swings to Runs: You are outside now, with a moderately-heavy kettlebell and a 25-yard running lane. Now you can make use of both these resources.Start by standing at the end of the running track and picking up the kettlebell to perform a series of double-arm swings. Keep your abs tight and shoulders pulled back as you swing the kettlebell. Then, sprint 25 yards. This is an excellent cardio and strength training interval that you can incorporate into your outdoor programs.

These drills are a great way to get your outdoor workout routine up and running. You can access more articles about the topic for free. While anyone can train hard, only the smartest train smarter!