How to use a cocktail shaker and the art of cocktail shaking

If you are interested in bartending, it is worth learning the art of making cocktails. Bartenders who are skilled at making cocktails are highly respected, loved and considered fun. The best part about being a bartender is the opportunity to earn more money and receive huge tips.

Cocktail preparation is a craft with its own terminology. Cocktail making is, to me, one of the most satisfying aspects of bartending. Cocktail bartenders can entertain customers and prepare exotic cocktails.

Cocktail shaking is one of the most well-known and most recognisable methods. This bartender technique has been portrayed as sophisticated and attractive for many years in popular culture. Because of the James Bond phrase “shaken not stirred”, which has been used by millions over decades, it seems that this bartender method is well-known worldwide.

Shaking a drink serves the purpose of chilling it and diluting it. Equally important is the correct proportions of ingredients and how they are diluted. Too much ice can lead to a cocktail that is too diluted. Your ice will quickly melt in your shaker.

Cubed ice is the best for shaking. Fill your shaker with fresh ice at least two-thirds of the way. Add all ingredients to the shaker and shake vigorously. Strain the liquid into your glass.

Cocktail shaking can be a lot of fun, but you need to take care with how you hold the shaker. It is possible to lose your grip when shaking a cocktail. It would also be embarrassing. No matter what you might have seen in bars or movies, always use two hands to hold your shaker. Fizzy ingredients should not be shaken.

Cocktail shakers: Standard and Boston

There are two types of cocktail shakers, the Boston shaker and the standard cocktail shaker. The first is composed of three components: a flat-bottomed conical base, or ‘can, and a top with an integrated strainer. Two cones make up a Boston shaker: one is made from glass, the other of stainless steel. A standard shaker comes with its own strainer. However, a Hawthorne strainer can be used in conjunction. The metal half of the Boston shaker is equipped with a perforated metal top that is held in place by a wire loop.

How to use an ordinary shaker

These are the steps you need to take in order to use the standard shaker.

Two-thirds of the shaker’s base should be filled with fresh cubed ice. Mix all ingredients.

Secure the cap by putting the top on the base.

Begin shaking the shaker with two hands. One hand should be on top, the other one on the bottom. Guests should not be able to see the top of the shaker while it is shaking.

For around 20 seconds, shake the drink. Take off the cap and hold it with one finger. Pour the drink into a chilled glass using the built-in strainer.

How to use the Boston shaker

This is a step-by-step guide to how to use the Boston shaker.

Mix the ingredients together in the glass portion of the shaker. Also known as a Boston glass, Make sure you fill the shaker with fresh cubed ice before adding any ingredients.

Place the metal halves of the shaker on top of the glass. Tap the top gently with your heel. This will seal the area.

One hand should be on top, the other on bottom. When shaking, make sure the glass is on top and pointed away from your guests.

Continue shaking the shaker for approximately 20 seconds. You can hold the metal portion of the shaker in one hand, and then tap the area where the glass rim is. You will be able to open the shaker by separating the glass and metal halves. Don’t panic if the shaker isn’t opening. The shaking process can be repeated by turning the shaker a quarter turn.

You can place a Hawthorne strainer on top of the metal container to strain the liquid into chilled glasses.

These are the basics that will allow you to learn how to shake cocktails. Cocktail shaking requires a lot of showmanship. It is a process that prepares drinks and should entertain your guests. You can expect the customer to be watching as you shake a cocktail. Make sure to practice before you start making money.

Remember that proper training will teach you how to prepare cocktails. A good training course is essential if you are serious about bartending. This course will teach you everything about cocktail preparation. It includes shaking, layering, building, mixing, and stirring drinks.

Downfalls – view this site What not to Do

Re-using ice is one of the biggest mistakes that beginning bartenders make. Even if you are shaking the same drink, you should not use the same ice for more than one cocktail. After straining your drink, you should throw out any ice and replace it with fresh ice.

Make your cocktails

Once you have chilled the liquid, garnish your cocktail. Garnishes can be used to garnish the drink and are typically attached to the glass’s rim. Garnishes can enhance the appearance of your cocktail as well as the flavor and aroma. Garnishes must be edible. Forget about the paper parasols.