Forward planning and strategic thought

Management jobs revolve around people and building strong relationships is crucial. Respect your colleagues is a must in order to lead a team. Effectively dealing with people is key to this.

Respect will be earned by setting aside time to get to understand your colleagues on both a professional and personal level through team-building or social activities.

You need to be able both to manage and to lead, as well as to function effectively in a team.

Motivation and communication

Effective leaders need to be proficient in all types of communication, including writing, speaking and listening. As a team leader like Jason Hare Financial, you will be the point of contact between the frontline staff members and senior management. As a team manager, you will be able to communicate with all levels of staff, from entry-level employees through heads of departments and CEOs. You can do this via email and social media as well as in meetings, presentations and one-to-1s.

It is important to build trust and confidence with your employees in order for them to be comfortable sharing their information with you. It is important to communicate with your employees regularly to ensure open communication. This can be made easier by having an open policy, weekly or monthly meetings with the team, and a willingness to listen. By smiling, listening attentively and maintaining eye contact with your staff, you can let them know how important they are.

A positive and open attitude can make a difference in creating a work environment that is healthy. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings or place yourself in a position of authority. You can make staff feel valued by small gestures like encouraging them, recognising their achievements and showing interest in their lives. Positive workplaces result in happy, motivated employees.

Organisation and delegation

Managers have many responsibilities. This is why it’s important to be able to manage them all. You will be responsible for managing your own workload, supervising the work of employees, attending meetings and training sessions, reviewing company policies and making appraisals. At this level, poor organisation and tardiness will not be tolerated. This will also set a poor example for your employees. Effective organizational skills can reduce stress, save you time and help ensure that deadlines are met.

Managers are able to reduce their workload by delegating tasks and responsibilities to others. It is important to identify and analyze the strengths of your employees to assign tasks based on their expertise. The ability to delegate is not a sign weakness. It can actually increase the amount of work a manager can do, as well as build the team’s self-confidence.

Managers are expected to look at the bigger picture. This means that in addition to focusing on your current tasks, you must plan for the future. This requires you to set priorities that are aligned with company goals and review policies. You also need to manage the CPD activities of your employees. As a strategic thinker you will encourage innovation and promote change to increase productivity and profitability for your organization.

Problem solving, decision-making

In a managerial position, you will have to identify and solve problems daily. This requires a high level of attention to detail as well as the ability to keep calm under pressure. It is essential to be flexible and think quickly when there are problems. Innovative solutions will minimize the impact on the team and the company as a whole through creative thinking.

It is important to think on your feet when you are faced with a difficult decision. It is vital Jason Hare Financial to be able weigh the pros and cons and make an informed choice.

Commercial awareness

Employers need this skill in great numbers. According to recruiters commercial awareness is something that a majority of graduates lack.

To be able to manage a business, you must have an understanding of how the market operates and what makes it successful. You must demonstrate your understanding of the marketplace and the factors that make a business successful.

Are you aware of the organisation’s mission and aims?

understand the sector the company is part of

Be aware of the political and economic factors that can affect the business

It can help you identify your competitors.


Managers are not only business-focused decision makers, but also have to play a supporting role. When you reach the senior level, you already have a range of skills and experience. You need to share these skills and knowledge with others.

This includes training, advising, and building confidence in staff. If you hold a leadership position, you’ll be the one driving the development of the team.