What is an Available Domain Generator: All You Need to Know

What is an available domain generator exactly and how you can use it? Discover all information you need to know!

What is an Available Domain Generator?

A domain generator is a site that helps you to find available domain names. Besides finding domain names that are available, these websites can also provide you with barnstorming ideas and tools, allow you to search for various extensions, or inform you about expired domains that are available now or will be available soon.

There are domain generators that are expensive, some that charge you only a one-time fee, and there are domain generators that are free. You have different types of generators which offer different costs that are associated with different options.

How Does Domain Generator Work?

In order for you to create a website, you need to have a unique domain. In order for the domain to be recognized in the online world, it should be registered. It is extremely important to check the availability of a certain domain before you register that domain.

Because of the huge competition and millions of websites on the internet, it is highly possible the domain name you want to be available. This means that you need to have few more options, in case the first domain you want is not available.

So, how does domain generator work?

There are specialized websites or domain generators that can help you check the availability of a certain domain. All you need to do is to enter the domain name in the search box. In a short time, you’ll receive an information whether or not the domain is available.

If the domain name is not available, you can:

  • Try various combinations of hyphens
  • Try adding various words in front of the domain
  • Try and change few letters of the domain
  • Use thesaurus to find alternatives for your domain
  • Try and find different word combinations

Once you’ve found an available domain name it is time to buy the domain. There are various sites online that are reliable and offer domain name registration. Available Domains: Everything You Need to Know


As you can see, using the available domain generator is pretty easy. However, we recommend you to have a list of options, so you can find an available name in a short time. Make sure the domain can meet your website needs and purposes and represent your business in the west way possible.

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